Group Booking

Add flare to your business event, or treat your friends, colleagues or students to a private screening. At Grand Cinemas, the possibilities are endless. Whatever the occasion, the GC team works with the best people and latest technology to tailor the perfect package for you. To organize an event, host a private screening, or make a group booking, contact us today. carly@srndco.com ralph@srndco.com School Bookings The big screen allows us to discover new worlds, and to learn from some of the greatest stories ever told. Make your class trip a journey to remember and reward your hard-working students with their very own screening. At Grand Cinemas, you can choose from a wide range of movie genres, from grand adventure, to family-friendly comedy, to the animated spectacles that nourish the mind and speak to the heart. Corporate Bookings Be everyone’s favourite boss – reward your staff with a cinema experience they won’t soon forget. To take your presentation to the next level, kick off your special movie screening with a corporate message that puts your brand in the spotlight. Events & Premieres Roll out the red carpet for a unique event that is guaranteed to make headlines. Grand Cinemas movie premieres are a sure-fire way to add a spark of excitement to any announcement or celebration. Whether you’re planning a product launch, media engagement or star-studded gathering for your clientele, we will put our stylish venues, expert team and years of entertainment experience at your disposal.

Seminars & Training

Your presentations, conferences and training sessions will never be the same again. At Grand Cinemas, we offer the out-of-the-box ideas and glamorous venues that allow you to deliver your corporate message in style. Our team of professionals is also on hand to execute your business events and equip you with the technology and facilities you need.


Make a wish come true for your loved one with a special birthday at the movies. Plan a themed celebration at Grand Cinemas with the larger-than-life characters your family adores. Choose from a wide and fun range of movie attractions, and we’ll help you design the menu of tasty treats to go with your big screen adventure.

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