Selim Ramia & Co was established in 2007, a total provider of movie entertainment services offering Levant investors, exhibitors and viewers a new standard in the cinema experience. Thanks to an aggressive growth plan, forward-thinking management and an eye for strategic locations and acquisitions by Selim Ramia, co-founder of Gulf Film LLC Group, SR&Co is the fastest growing company in market share acquisition in Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait. SR&Co sees a future of great promise, determined in our mission to grow the regional market, develop business in new territories, and lead the next phase in the evolution of the Middle East film entertainment industry. www.srndco.com


Grand Cinemas has constantly striven to set the industry standards and succeeded, the proof evident in being the leading cinema chain in the Levant, namely in Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuwait, and the steady proliferation of theaters with a current screen count over 100, boasting 14,000 Seats. Currently, rapid constructions of multiple cinema locations are underway in KSA, which will observe the light by the end of 2020, making by that the first Grand Cinemas’ footsteps in the Kingdom.

Grand Cinemas has been responsible of revolutionizing the cinema industry in the region in the last decade with its strategically located theaters and the introduction of cinema's most advanced services: E-Ticket, E-Kiosk, Digital 3D, Grand Class – VIP, Cinema-dedicated Mobile Application, and the latest Volfoni Chrystal laser projectors, capable of beaming 8 Million Megapixel. With a track record of successful growth, industry-leading innovation and dedication to exemplary customer service, Grand Cinemas is proud to be the region’s no.1 movie entertainment destination.

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